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FOX News
Dec 29, 2011 1:00pm PST
in trouble. after the sioux city debate that follow hosted i took on ron paul over the issue of a nuclear iran and the next day we started a 99 county tour across iowa and we saw people very upset by what they heard ron paul say, they saw that he would make a dangerous president and we saw thousands in the last ten days switching away from ron paul and over to me because they understood he wouldn't keep american safe so when that happens i think the reason paul campaign got nervous and they were working with my staffer and he had been, he called he to apologize and said he was sorry for putting news this situation and he was offered money, a lot of money by the reason paul campaign, and he said he was tempted because he said everyone else has pulled out in iowa, why wouldn't i but he said i'm not going to it would be the wrong thing and the next day he joined me in iowa for an event and assured me again he was on board. but, after that, he drove to a ron paul event and the campaign issued an extensive press release that clearly wasn't spontaneous and he announced he was switching, and thi
Dec 28, 2011 12:00pm PST
on ron paul, the libertarian looking to steal a victory. >> what do you do if the choice were ron paul or barack obama? >> i think you'd have a hard choice -- >> it's really mit rom fle suddenly looking every bit inevitable that gingrich is going after right now. mitt delivered a zinger yesterday, comparing gingrich's failure to make the virginia ballot to an episode of "i love lu lucy." >> i'll meet him anywhere in iowa for 90 minutes, just the two of us. i'd love to have him say that to my face. >> newt throwing down the gauntlet, baiting mitt into a dual, even challenging his manhood. you have to wrond çwonder whatd to keeping clean. the super pac has now dropped this love letter in the mail iowa caucus goers. romney is the second most dangerous man in america. and will perpetuate obama's slide into financial crisis. don't let romney backers mislead you. chuck todd asked the candidate about the attack in iowa today. >> i wouldn't call him the second most dangerous man in america. i'm happy to publicly urge them to not repeat that line. if they have a factually accurate mailing tha
Dec 27, 2011 3:00pm PST
-on-one or defend his campaign's negative ads. >>> also -- gingrich says he won't vote for ron paul if the texas congressman wins the republican nomination. >>> plus -- a frightening day at country's biggest shopping mall and nothing to keep from happening the a mall near you. >>> first in iowa, the skating criticism newt gingrich levelled at two of his republican opponents, mitt romney and ron paul. just a short time ago wolf blitzer asked gingrich about the barrage of attack ads both romney and paul are running in iowa. republican voters caucus exactly one week from tonight. listen to some of what newt gingrich had to say about mitt romney. >> mitt romney made fun of you today. i don't know if you heard. >> no. >> about the virginia snafu and all of that. i'll play the clip, watch this. >> okay. >> you know, i -- i think you compare that to pearl harbor. i think it's more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory. so i mean, you've got to get it organized. >> he was referring to a statement that your campaign manager said this was like pearl harbor. you've learned from it and it's not going t
Dec 29, 2011 12:00am PST
stop by a ron paul event in newton, iowa, today, to talk to supporters. >> are you unhappy with the current gop field? let me tell you something. you are not alone. >> and the anybody but mitt crowd continues with a new radio ad calling for sarah palin to jump into the presidential race. democratic strategist bob shrum handicaps iowa and beyond. >>> our plan was righting for our state, and in my view, it was based upon conservative principles. >> mitt romney is touting the individual mandate as a conservative principle but still wants to repeal obama care. tonight, we'll highlight the republican hypocrisy. >>> the republican effort to strip voting rights continues. and the justice department is taking action. the aclu's katie o'connor and professor at occidental college, caroline heldman will talk abouç further action and have the latest on the gop voter obstruction. >>> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. the story was in newton, iowa, today. i was there. it was the same old stuff. let's see. freedom, the constitution, limited government, protect
Dec 27, 2011 7:00pm PST
. >> ron paul may win this whole thing. >> if the weather is bad and it's real tough to get out, ron paul will win. >> and moderate primary, gingrich and romney are scrumming for. >> newt's new tact,'s attacking mitt romney as a massachusetts moderate. >> he's trying to come down and pretend to be a conservative. >> i believe abortion should be safe and legal in this country. >> speaker gingrich is a desperate candidate. >> he has more baggage than the airlines. >> newt gingrich did not make the ballot in virginia. >> three folks who are running as strong conservatives. >> gun todting is santorum. >> shotguns for christmas. >> we need a solution. >> that's the reason i call for a part-time congress. >> no republican has won the hearts and minds of the republican base. >> where is tim pawlenty right now? because he would be the guy you turn to. >>> today was a good day for the obama re-election campaign. but it was a tough day for the democratic party. the good news for the obama campaign is that the republicans running for president continue top savage each other. newt gingrich is saying
Dec 20, 2011 7:00pm EST
newt $30,000 an hour, $1.6 million. >> ifill: from texas congressman ron paul. >> he's demonstrated to be the very essence of the washington insiders. >> it's about serial hypocrisy. >> ifill: today in this new ad from texas governor rick perry. >> newt got rich. made millions off freddie mac. >> ifill: gingrich's lead has crumbled. gallup which has tracked public opinion daily showed the former house speaker's once commanding 15-point national lead has all but evaporated down 11 points from 37% to 26% in the last ten days. two other national polls show the same erosion. cnn shows romney and gingrich in a dead heat at 28% with paul hat 14. and an abc news "washington post" poll out today places gingrich and romney at 30% with paul a distant third. gingrich, who has less money to spend than his primary competitors, has said he will remain positive. >> others seem to be more focused on attacks rather than moving the country forward. that's up to them. >> ifill: campaigning in iowa yesterday, he called the ads criticizing him negative junk. >> i will do two things. i will tell you what
Dec 28, 2011 11:00pm EST
. rick santorum has been to 99 counties across the state. michele bachmann is from iowa. but ron paul is the leader in the clubhouse. so i went to iowa today to see why. i'll have my commentary and coverage coming up. this is "the ed show." let's get to work. what do you like about them? >> about ron paul? >> yeah. >> what is there not to like about him? >> with the first vote just six days away, i stop by a ron paul event in newton, iowa, today, to talk to supporters.ç >> are you unhappy with the current gop field? let me tell you something. you are not alone. >> and the anybody but mitt crowd continues with a new radio ad calling for sarah palin to jump into the presidential race. democratic strategist bob shrum handicaps iowa and beyond. >>> our plan was righting for our state, and in my view, it was based upon conservative principles. >> mitt romney is touting the individual mandate as a conservative principle but still wants to repeal obama care. tonight, we'll highlight the republican hypocrisy. >>> the republican effort to strip voting rights continues. and the justice depart
Dec 28, 2011 6:00pm PST
that is under way right now in des moines. it's a campaign event for republican congressman ron paul of texas who you see speak there. the two latest polls out of iowa show congressman paul in first place in the ppp poll and second place in the cnn poll. more on that in a moment. the breaking news tonight is ron paul appears to have scored a bit of a coup in his effort to win iowa. shortly before dr. paul took the stage there, in des moines tonight, an iowa republican state senator who's named kent sorensen was introduced to the ron paul supporting crowd. up until tonight mr. sorensen had been serving as an iowa state co-chair for the michele bachmann campaign. the reason he was being introduced at a ron paul roll was to announce he's switching sides. >> tonight's been tough for me. i've been serving as michele bachmann's state chair over the lastç year. and while michele has fought tremendously for my conservative values, i believe we're at a turning point in this campaign. i believe we have an opportunity to elect a conservative, somebody who holds our values dear. i want to tell you guys
Dec 21, 2011 6:30pm PST
, that might be the reason we're going up in the polls. >> momentum. republican presidential candidate ron paul has it. the big mo! the libertarian candidate who is running on the republican label. dr. paul is now positioned to win the iowa caucuses because iowa republicans remain dissatisfied, many believe, with republican contenders. notably, romney and gingrich. republican voters see gingrich as zany, and romney as inconsistent. the iowa caucuses, less than three weeks away, january 3, are closed caucuses, limited only to registered republicans, ie, g.o.p.'s, true believers. that gives dr. paul the inside track. also, this -- one, ground support. politicians in the state say that paul has the best ground campaign. that means he will turn out his vote, reminds a phone calls, car pickups and returns, helping registration, et cetera. two, money. paul this year has raised $15 million, only mitt romney with 15 million and rick perry with 17 million have raised more. marginally. three, advertising. tough, close to the bone claims. here's his ad against newt gingrich, branding him with serial hypoc
Dec 30, 2011 8:30pm EST
in korea? we have been there since i was in high school. >> ron paul gets a boost from an unlikely battlefield conversion -- namely, michele bachmann's iowa campaign chair. >> i believe ron paul is in the top tier and i'm here to help. withe new york times a season of primaries -- a new year comes with a season of primaries. captioned by the national captioning institute thanks for joining us. i'm mark shields. gordon peterson will be back next week. things have changed since last we were together. newt gingrich's slide in the polls was not helped by his campaign's failure to qualify for the virginia republican primary. >> it was just a mistake. we hired somebody who turned in false -- turned in it 11,100 -- 1500 of them were -- [unintelligible] >> i think he compared that to pearl harbor? it is more like lucille ball at the chocolate factory. [laughter] you have got to get it organized. >> gingrich's problems provided an opening for other campaigns, especially that of ron paul and mitt romney, followed closely by rick santorum, who jumped into double digits. jea
Dec 29, 2011 10:00am EST
minutes, michele bachmann will be joining him, followed by ron paul, followed by your calls. we are covering that live, so you will be able to call an and react to the show. you can see, it is just about to get under way. michele bachmann will be there in a minute. live coverage from now until tuesday night when we will be covering live two different caucuses from iowa. 8:00clock eastern time -- eastern time. we will be covering one caucus on c-span, another on c-span2. 1774 caucuses will be taking place that night. republican caucuses. party business to be head and the presidential preferential poll. that is what everyone is chasing in iowa. no delegates will be awarded. there is the producer. we will now go to who radio in des moines. [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2011] >> good morning. it is sunny and 83 degrees. the newest candidate continues to quietly go about his campaign. rick santorum, now listed as third -- >> good morning, everybody. we are watching the candidates. this is radio. we just went
Dec 19, 2011 9:00pm PST
for weapons of mass destruction. that war not there. here's the other headline. ron paul takes the lead in iowa. welcome to news from the department of impossible. these two headlines coinciding is simply that. a coincidence. but it is a striking coincidence. because ron paul, the new front-runner in iowa, is the only candidate in the republican presidential field who is not a george w. bush foreign policy inheriter. ron paul is the only one who doesn't want the iraq war, say, to go on for longer. and ron paul is officially leading the pack in the first republican nominating state as of the day that the iraq war officially ends. now, if you think that might mean that republican candidates are finally competing to put into practice their party's long popular rhetoric about living within our means and a humble foreign policy and the limited reach of government, that would not be the case. here with the previous iowa republican front-runner, newt gingrich, to disabuse us of that notion. >> one of the things you say is that if you don't like what a court has done that congress should subpoe
Dec 29, 2011 10:00pm PST
be trying to stop is ron paul. >> the problem with congressman paul, which is the thing most people like about him, his bold economic plan and cutting the government are the things he has proven he's been incapable of rallying any support to do. he's passed one bill in 20 years. but the thing that he can do when the president has authority unilaterally is to actually pull our troops back. iowa needs to send a message. we want a candidate not in the dennis kucinich wing of running for president. >> michele bachmann is clinging to her campaign in iowa, no longer talking about what she'll do as president, but rather explaining why her iowa campaign chair kent sorensen, abruptly deflected to the ron paul campaign. >> clearly what that reflected was the nervousness on the part of the ron paul campaign that they were losing steam in iowa. they told all of our campaign that he was on board and got in his car and announced he was going with the ron paul campaign. he told me specifically that he was offered a great deal of money and that's why he was leaving. >> kent sorensen says it's not about
Dec 31, 2011 3:00pm PST
along with romney's wife ann. iowa's new rising star, rick santorum, and the surprising ron paul. welcome to our viewers from around the world. i'm wolf blitzer. you're in "the situation room." we're just a few days from the voting of the republican campaign and as the iowa caucus looms, mitt romney still leads in iowa with 25% and ron paul is right behind at 22%. but look at this. rick santorum has jumped into third place at 16%. meanwhile, gingrich plummeted to 14% down from 33% only a few weeks ago. rick perry, michele bachmann, and jon huntsman are all at the bottom. i sat down with gingrich has he was being barraged by attack ads. >> if you watch commercials, they are hitting you hard. >> oh, yeah. i think they will have spent 5, 6, $7 million. most of it false: i think this entire jobs and economic growth tour is designed to encounter the negativity. i think we're going to be in the top three or four. we could end up as number one. it's a very confusing field right now. >> it looks like you're optimistic. >> yeah. a super pac ad by his supporters. i'll supply a little clip,
Dec 30, 2011 8:00pm PST
an election to replace a president. this is an election about the soul of america. gwen: will ron paul stage an upset? >> the important thing for me is a lot of people are waking up. gwen: is rick santorum surging? >> you've got the moderate primary, which mitt romney are scrumming for and three folks running as strong conservatives. gwen: is newt gingrich fading? >> you don't have to have a nasty, negative, mud-slinging, consultant-driven campaign? i refuse to engage in that kind of politics. gwen: is time running out for michele bachmann and rick perry? the polls tell the tale but finally so will the voters. we preview the iowa caucuses with karen ue multiof "the washington post," jeff zeleny of "the new york times," susan davis of "usa today" and christina bellantoni of cg roll call. >> award-winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens frfment our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill. produced in association with "national journal." corporate funding for "washington week" is provided by -- >> we know why we're here. to connect our forces to what t
Dec 29, 2011 5:00pm PST
leader on national security. where he questioned ron paul's judgment and wisdom. >> you took a pretty good crack at ron paul in there. yet he's polling well in the very state that you've been in every county. >> oh, he's been here too. he's been here for like three elections or four elections. >> you're you whacked him pretty good on the question of the straits of hormuz and the volley verbally back and forth with iran and the united states right now. how do you calculate his support in this state? >> people are upset. i mean, he's sort of the zeitgeist candidate. i getç it. but the people of iowa i believe and the people of this country are going to step back and say, you know, what's the right course to put the person up against barack obama who's going to present the contrast that is most likely to get the big problems in this country solved? and the big problem in this country is not a military that has grown out of proportion. 50 years ago the military took up 60% of the budget. it now takes up 20%. it is not the reason we're in a deficit situation. >> ron paul and mitt romney
Dec 30, 2011 12:00am PST
nicholls is in iowa, and he'll join us with the latest from the trail. >>> ron paul is running away from a controversial pastor who says gays should be put to death. we'll have more on the latest scandal to plague the paul campaign. >>> and with just five days to go, who will come out on top in iowa? msnbc political analyst richard wolff, vice chair of the dncr.t. rybak and dr. catherine hellman will join me to assess the candidates and their chances in iowa and beyond. >> good to have you with us tonight, folks. thanks for watching. the focus tonight on "the ed show" starting out is going to be on rick santorum. now, you know my political persuasion. but i bring this story to you tonight completely objective from iowa. on the stump, rick santorum is impressive. he is well versed, schooled up, and very strong in his conviction. it was town hall number 358 today in musketine, iowa. santorum calls it his faith, family and freedom tour, which carries a strong anti-government message. and i'll tell you, there are few on the stump who do a better job of retail politics. >> senator, the pollin
Dec 11, 2011 9:00am EST
, this was the week that gingrich became target number one. ron paul's blistering attack of accusing newt of serial hypocrisy. from the romney soup pac. >> flip flopping on issues. >> reporter: and from romney myself. >> i have been married to the same woman for 42 years. >> reporter: not subtle remainor that dpin grich is the guy who has been married three times. in iowa, it comes down to the ground game. how is that looking? evidence that romney isn't taking off here in iowa, his iowa state headquarters they won't let us in. but looking in, there's nothing doing. over at gingrich headquarters we found them still setting up. where's the energy? with ron paul. his office is smaller but buzzing with activity. with president obama he took the stage with a speech in kansas. >> it's great to be back in the state of texas -- uh-oh. state of kansas. >> reporter: he was at no loss of words when asked to respond to republicans who said that he appeases american enemies. >> appeasement. >> appeasement strategy. >> ask osama bin laden and the 22 out of 30 top al qaeda leaders who have been taken off the fiel
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 3,566 (some duplicates have been removed)